My Plan

Goal 1:

In order to stay composed throughout my speeches, I will practice a few simple steps in the days leading up to the speech and right before. As the mind tools article states, the most important time to utilize breathing, posture, etc. techniques is before you start to speak in order to avoid nerves from arising in the first place, instead of trying to eliminate them during the speech, once they are already present. Therefore, every morning when I wake up I am going to take a few minutes to practice diaphragmatic breathing in order to center my thoughts and relax my mind. I will also do this just before my speech for the same effect. Similarly, I am going to utilize the power pose technique that Amy Cuddy explains in her Ted Talk. I will do this just before my speech to increase my confidence which will then transfer into my presentation.

Goal 2:

To accomplish my goal of grabbing and keeping the audience’s attention, I will integrate  the techniques stated in the below articles, into my speeches. The main ideas that I will definitely use to initially grab the attention of the audience, will be starting with an interesting anecdote, or a surprising statics, or propose a rhetorical thought. In order to sustain their attention, I will try to talk about something that is potentially interesting to the audience, I will tell them why they should listen, and/or incorporate additional senses into the presentation, such as showing the audience a picture or artifact, or playing a song so that their brains are stimulated by my speech.

7 excellent ways to start a presentation and capture your audience’s attention


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